Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Final entry

Thank you for completing the questionnaire; twelve responses were received and you can view the detailed results here. I reiterate that I do not know who wrote what as the responses appear completely anonymously.

Apart from giving me an idea of what you thought of the project, (which items were useful and which not, etc.), they also give the project sponsor, (Australian Flexible Learning Framework) feedback that their funds were not wasted and allow us to show that learning was seen to have taken place.

Once again thank you for your participation and till the next time…


Wednesday, 7 November 2007


I added the missing question marks and full stops at the last session, and finally got around to uploading the edited video. So here it is, not perfect yet, but at least punctuationally sound: "doing the housework".

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Final f2f Learnscope

Friday saw the final session with the show & tell of videos, review and survey.

Firstly, thank you for sticking to the end and I hope you will continue with your videoing and youtubing. All contributions received can now be viewed from the Contributions page.

I will let you see the results of the survey when everyone has filled it in - there is just one more online session next Thursday and then presumably some reports for Learnscope to justify the vast amounts of money they have invested in you.

The photo shows where we had our close of project dinner with the Perth f2f team (Clare, Wendy, Annabelle, Anna, Me, Jean. Ann-Marie was sick and Sonia expecting surrogately.) Thanks for the chockies.

If you have any more contributions, please send me the addresses.