Saturday, 22 September 2007

Session 8 - enhancing and effecting

Good attendance yesterday evening at the F2F session and I am glad that some of you brought your own videos and I had fortunately remembered to make that video of exercises in the park for the others to work on.

As I said before, I am due to tell the rest of the AMEP world of the wonders of online ESL video at the AMEP conference in QLD the first week of the holidays. Now, it would be extremely more worthwhile if apart from rabbiting on about what we have been doing and how we have been doing it I had some samples to show. I have your Photostories up there but I would also like some videos - it doesn't matter if they are incomplete or rough or unedited or look terrible or do not teach anything or anything like that - your names and faces will not be associated with them, so please this week, either put them up on YouTube and tell me the address OR give me a copy of them. I will be approaching you on Wed or Thurs re this. Ta.

Apart from that I forgot to tell you that you may have problesm opening your MOvieMAker project files to work on again. Sometimes, if you are on a different machine. and you open your project you get little red crosses on the boxes in the storyboard and not your images.

Now, this is because MM doesn't actually import the video clips into the program it just makes links to them and if you have changed your location it can't find them. So just tell it where they are. You can do this by shouting at the PC but this doesn't usually work. so ....

Double-click on one of the red crosses and you'll get this message:

Click "Yes" and browse through until you find your video.

Double click on it or one click and "Open" , wait and your clips should appear!

If you have any problems, please contact me on GoogleTalk (pgnichols) whenever.

Happy working.

PS Good news for the Casual Participants - I put through yur pay cliam for the term for Learnscope participation so you should have some extra do$h in your bank.

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Wendy said...

Ooo that last comment for casuals is good news. Thanks Philip.
Friday was an enjoyable and productive session, thanks.
My practise video with Claire giving directions is in my folder for student access at work. I want to work on my washing the dog one a bit more before exposing it to the world.