Monday, 10 September 2007

better late than never

Sorry this took so long. I couldn’t upload my clip last session because the camera’s batteries were flat (yes, I do keep spares, but my beloved had a cleaning frenzy and threw them out by mistake...). When I was able to do it, I realised the film was completely out of focus and therefore useless. My family members run away when they see me with the camera, but I found another victim, sorry, willing subject. Unfortunately, that time the film was overexposed. I had a couple more tries before I realised that for some reason, my camera does not cope well with outside light for films (something to do with the settings I presume). I must say the thought of giving up did cross my mind at this point, but I soldiered on... So, finally, here it is: Introducing oneself!

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Philip said...

Thanks Claire - hope to "see " you on Thursday