Saturday, 15 September 2007

The best of times, the worst of times

In this case, being Geraldton and Albany but it's the ideas in the first paragraph that I like.

Anyway, if you go back to last Saturday's entry, you will recall I had my doubts about attempting to teach MovieMaker online as the face2face session had had so many pitfalls. Thankfully (with one exception), it went much better than anticipated. I modified the worksheets to make them clearer and easier to follow and Thursday saw the 2 Cla(i)res settling down happily in their own Elluminate room conversing with and assisting each other while they went through the worksheet and even went beyond it in their video editing. Meanwhile, Anna had her private room where I was able to talk her through the trimming process.

Friday off to Albany and I think this was the most successful Elluminate session we have had. The Application Share really came into play as I was able to first demonstrate how to trim the videos and then got them to share their desktop with me so I could talk them through the process and view at the same time. Elluminate does have its good days. In fact, Albany had been one week behind due to their Lab being booked when we needed it, but now so efficient were they that we managed to do both Sessions 6 and 7 in the two hours!

The only mar on the whole thing was for Marnie in Geraldton. She is there all alone with no-one to support her and this week she got the worst of the deal. First of all her camera is an Olympus, which means that her videos were saved as movs and not recognisable by MovieMaker. Then , because she was involved with a sick friend, she had no time to convert them. So on Thursday while the others were happily progressing with their editing, we were attempting to use Zamzar to convert and of course you need an email account and it took absolutely ages so by the time it was all over, the session was all over. I congratulate Marnie on her perseverance though! I will be holding a repeat online Session 7 next Thursday 20th for her and anybody else who missed this session (Jean? Annabelle? Cathy?).

By the way, I have been playing with MovieMaker too - firstly, you may recall in the session on taking videos, I talked about different frame speeds and resolutions. You can look at the different combinations that your still camera probably produces when taking videos here and basically, if you're putting it up onto YouTube, there doesn't seem much difference.

Secondly, I feel that one of the main problems you have is not how to do the videoing, but what to video. I hoped I gave you some ideas with the CSWE assessments but it still takes time and inspiration. Clare is making a pronunciation video, I know, and Anna is negotiating with Claremont council to waive the $1 000 000 indemnity insurance she requires to film within the library (she shouldn't have asked). In the meantime, here is an idea how you can do an interview with just one person.


Sue Waters said...

Hi Philip

I am so pleased that teaching MovieMaker via Elluminate is going so well. That is such good news and I am glad that the application sharing is working out.

So tell me how are you finding Zamar?


sonia said...

Mmmm. certainly in the swing... but I don't understand what the difference in speed/resolution was...they all looked the same except some were a trifle slower than the others. The interview was a bit reminiscent of Inspector Cloiseau.. and I hope that you didn't give out a REAL address!!!

Clare Harris said...

Oh! I like it! (The bloke you interviewed looked a bit suss tho.)

Amber Koskela said...

Hi Philip,

I am glad to hear that you are experiencing great things with Elluminate. I have found the application sharing tool very helpful as well. I would love to learn more about what you are doing with Elluminate in your classes. My contact information is below. Keep up the great work!

Amber Koskela

Online Marketing Associate
Elluminate, Inc.
Office: (603) 882-2461