Friday, 31 August 2007

MeYouTube #2

Have a look at my first go at uploading a video. Many thanks to my pal, Adriaan

Now, why isn't it linked?

Now it is, click here (PN)


Philip said...

hmmm, try putting a space in when you have coped in the link....

alternatively, if this still doesn't work, paste the URL in to a link button by clicking on the LINK icon (which looks like 2 links) on the button bar
(we're talking the NEW POST window here)

hope zis helps


Philip said...

hmmmm, good video there Sonia, although did Adriaan know what was going to happen with it????

Anyway, maybe he could include it in his portfolio for the next round of ASL applications to demonstrate his versatility and helpfulness.

By the way, you don't NEED permission from people to put up things on the Web. It is onbly when you show them in a derogatory light that they can sue.So don't worry.



Clare Harris said...

You mean we don't need to have signed talent release forms . . . ? :-)
(who was very impressed with Adriaan's willingness to be helpful)

Philip said...

Apart from being a courtesy on the part of the organisation, talent release forms are a legal document that is there for that organisation not the individual - it stops you asking them for payment for publicity and other purposes or suing them.

so no Clare you didn't need to... but now you have..