Thursday, 30 August 2007

Blog droop antidote

I must admit I have been neglecting this blog lately as I have been suffering from that ailment that afflicts most online discussion boards, forums (fora{?}) and the ilk, namely after initial enthusiasm and daily entries there is a pause where nothing is posted.

So firstly, let us all commend Anna for her photostory. (at the moment you can view it here in my account). So what you may ask, excellent story but ..? well the answer is that none of the photos are hers but all were taken from Creative Commons in “flickr” – there are even migrants (or at least tourists) in it. Good work! ( I now owe Claire, Sonia and Anna a Freddo – just wait until they’re on special again please).

Secondly, let me reiterate, if not say again, that if you miss a face to face session here in The City, you are most welcome to attend an online session later. See the Calendar for when these are about to happen. With regard to this, some of you are having problems accessing Elluminate from home so go to this address and test your settings (see pic below). Jean was having this problem last week but was able to contact me via GoogleTalk while I was on Elluminate. Surprisingly, the computer supported both programs without coming up with an error message or crashing or freezing. This meant that when I spoke into the mike, both those people on Elluminate could hear me but the Albanyan Elluminati could not hear what Jean was saying and vice versa. It must have been a strange situation for them as I could follow all conversations but they only had one end of it – like trying to eavesdrop a phone conversation through the wall. Anyway, it was a good stop-gap solution so make sure that you have GoogleTalk open when you go online. My Google ID is pgnichols(AT), make me a contact if I am not already in your list.

An additional issue is that because the lab in Albany is being used by others when we need it, our Great Southern colleagues are now a session behind – this means for me I have to remember which session I am meant to be doing, but does enable you to catch up later.

We have also had problems with uploading videos to YouTube. Although they are ostensibly the right format (wmv) when saved in PhotoStory, something about them is rejected. Even Great Scott could give me no solution, so if you have any videos that are continually rejected, give them to me and I will convert them to a YouTube acceptable format. (Wendy?).

Last night I found that my son had pilfered the book I was reading and as a consequence I was reduced to reading the junk mail, but look what I found! If you haven’t bought a camera yet, rush off to Target at once. There are two I recommend: if you want a pocket camera get the Ixus ( of course it’s a Canon) and if you want something a bit more exciting go for the Fuji – it’s not a Canon and it won’t fit in your pocket, but it’s got 10x zoom and is excellent value.Lastly, if you want to personalise your Elluminate (or Skype) sessions then also grab the Logitech webcam at 40% off. But be quick, Target tends to sell out rather quickly.

By the way (BTW) I feel that I am not the only one who is suffering from the above-mentioned complaint of “drooping blog”, so let’s have some comments, feedback and impressions of what you have been doing.


Clare Harris said...

Drooping a little too - maybe it's because getting video right is much harder than selecting one of a host of photos . . .Or just that time of term?
But still enthused . . .


Philip said...

glad to hear it Clare; it is rather a more complicated procedure and needs more (semi-)scripting

good luck

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