Monday, 6 August 2007

After Session 4

Session 4 is over and thank you for your attendance and your contributions. Your videos are great! You can see them all here. I find the idea of having the first lesson in class (or in lab), followed by the online session effective – it allows me to realize what difficulties will arise with the content in a situation where I can see what people have on their screen and therefore correct it and anticipate that the same thing will happen in the online sessions. The best example we saw thus time was when I told Annabelle that, when signing up for YouTube, she didn’t have to put her true date of birth ( I usually put the historical 01.01.1980 myself) so two minutes later she called me and told me that YouTube wouldn’t let her in. Hardware crash? Software bug? Wireless down? No, YouTube wouldn’t let her in because she was too young at 8 years old and so that computer was thereafter blocked, even when Annabelle insisted she was over 18, with the result that she had to change machines. Good job she wasn’t at home or she’d never have got in!

I am also finding that the resources that Elluminate offers are becoming easier to use. I not using the whiteboard much (relying on my handouts) but the possibility to put individuals who are having difficulties into a separate “breakout” room and deal with their problems without interfering with the others is superb. (Thanks to Sue W for suggesting this). The other advantage of Elluminate is the “application sharing” facility, which allows me to actually see what a particular participant is seeing on their screen, ands if need be, jump in and take control. Thus I was able to guide Barbara through the process of resaving her Photostory project as a video file quickly and efficiently.

Anyway, before Session 5 (Next Friday face2face; next week online – see the Calendar on the right – please:
have pasted up your Photostory YouTube address on the blog (some of you have done this, I know)*.
If the version up there is only a draft, then finish the video in Photostory, save it as a video file**, put it up onto YouTube and remove the old video. Please note that the address will change so please keep me informed so I can change them on the “Handouts and Links” page. (

It would also be interesting, if in addition to posting your video addresses, you could post some comments about how you are finding the sessions. (Thank you Sonia for having done so (Freddo on the way)).

Some of you also looked at dotSUB, so if you wish, please add subtitles to “Barnaby does the washing” thus:
  • Sonia - Croatian
  • Wendy – Schwyzerduetsch
  • Jean – Scots Gaelic
  • Barbara – Italian

(Claire has already done French).

According to the plan, Session 5 is down as “Review and Consolidation”, so what I suggest is the following:

  • Fine-tuning of Photostories

  • Development of new Photostories (there are quite a few “how to…” videos, do you have any other ideas?)

  • Looking at dotSUB – subtitling other videos in dotSUB

  • Looking at adding speech bubbles to videos using “mojiti
  • and of course, for those who missed Session 4 due to reasons beyond their control (Sara is definitely excused), the opportunity to go through Session 4 again.

Now as there could be 6 different activities going on here, it could be a bit of mix & match or a bit of a mishmash. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Incidentally, if there is anything else related to the above that you would like to discuss, please let me know ASAP if not before.

*A couple of you have posted up onto the blog, not your video address, e.g. but your user address. e.g . .Now if you’ve only got one video up there, it doesn’t really matter, but once you have your hundreds up there it might get confusing. Click on “My account”, then on “My Videos”; you will see the address in the box marked URL which you can copy, OR you can click on the image of the video and then copy the address from the address bar.

**I will try and explain the difference between the two sorts of Photostory files again. When we go along developing the story we save it as a project file, by clicking on “Save Project”. This is a working document but cannot be viewed outside the Photostory program. Lets’ think of an analogy… ummm…when you’re writing an essay you have all your notes and drafts and plans; you can read them but nobody else can. Before you put it in, you have to convert it to a readable form by typing it up. Now in the same way, we have to convert this project into a viewable video and this is done on the penultimate screen of Photostory where it says “Save your story”. Unless you have changed the names (the default is “Photostory1”), when you click in "Next", you will have saved two files with the same name (possibly in the My Documents>My Videos folder). When you come to upload the video to YouTube, if you upload the PROJECT file it will not work and you have to upload the video file. How do you tell the difference? If you can see the three letter extension after the file name, make sure that you are uploading the .wmv file and not the .wp3 file. Now, not everybody’s computer is set up to view extensions, so you have to look at the icon and choose the correct one, otherwise a lot of time will be wasted.

I've shown you what you DON'T want to upload - I haven't showed you an example of the .wmv icon, because they may be different from computer to computer.

See you next session.


beth said...

Happy to hear you are finding Elluminate Live! helpful. I love the project. This would make a great Elluminate story for posting on our site. If you're interested in participating, contact me at my new email address at

- Beth, Elluminate Goddess of Communication

Claire-Marie Cluzel said...

Wow!I've just had a look at the mojiti website to see what it was all about and it looks fantastic.I like the fact that it can be added to my igoogle page for easy access.