Friday, 13 July 2007

Photo source

I first opened my “flickr” account over a year ago, but didn’t really investigate it, having other things to do. Then I became embroiled in Google so naturally set up my own Picasa Web Album for my online photos. But then….I thought I had better see what the talk about “flickr” was about and so had another closer look this holiday when there is time to do this sort of thing and after discovering I already had an account ( I had forgotten, so it’s a good job I keep my username the same for all applications) I was impressed with a capital V and I am even going to give my picasa web account away.

Plus: Browsing for photos and uploading them is extremely easy – you can do six at a time and add a generic tag for all six. Once up there, you can easily add individual tags, descriptions and titles to the six photos you have just uploaded. So ease of upload and tagging, although you can’t upload direct from Picasa ( that is until Google buys up Yahoo!) is a definite plus.

Plus: Once you’re there, you will be overwhelmed by the quantity of information up there. For example click on a photo and look down the right – unknown to you, when you uploaded your photos, you also uploaded further details, including the camera type and technical settings. Click on the camera type and get a whole load of useful(?) information about your particular camera. You can also click on location and find out (if the uploader has put it in) where the photo was taken. Who recognized the tree? I am beginning to find this a bit scary…

Plus: The quantity of photos up there. Millions – put a word in the search engine, as obscure as possible, and you will find photos galore. What is good about them is that you can borrow most of them yourself for your own nefarious purposes. The uploader can stipulate what sort of copyright is placed on a photo and the majority have a free-to-use-as-long-as-it’s-not-commercial-and-you-acknowledge-me licence. When you search, go into “Advanced Search” and click on the “Creative Commons” tick-box (you have to scroll down the page) and then you can use these in your worksheets, newsletters and novels without worrying about copyright. An excellent resource and, in fact, obviates the need for you to go out and take photos yourself.
Have a look and make an additional photostory with flickr pics.

(Photo of tree courtesy of klopstock)

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