Sunday, 24 June 2007

YouTube in the classroom

I got some CSWE 1 students to watch an animated Arnie/terminator saying “I’ll be back” on You Tube as part of a lesson on note writing eg: I’m at school. I’ll be back at 6:00. They loved it!

I also found some other interesting sites you might want to check out.
PodEnglish has some good beginner/intermediate podcasts. Here's one on complaining and the past continuous: Click more from this user to find other interesting topics.
The Australian network has vodcasts, quizzes etc with Aussie content. They have different programs for varying levels from elementary to advanced: living English, English bites, Nexus... Here's an example
They post their older videos on you tube
This is an English bites episode on Quorn Store:
Another good site is EnglishPod : you need to subscribe to get transcripts and worksheets, but you can listen for free.


Philip said...


thanks Claire for all these sites!

You seem to be ahead of us all! I hope however that you are getting something from the sessions.

Anonymous said...

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