Saturday, 16 June 2007

Second session

Thank you for attending the second session. I find it was useful to do it this way ( i.e. practise with real people without a data projector and then go online next week) as it made me realise that although my notes are useful for the F2F group there are times that what you saw on your screen was completely different from what I was seeing or had seen before so I was able to amend the sheets and plan for those eventualities. (although no doubt there will be different ones online). A good thing about Elluminate is that it does permit me to bring every one back to focus when they are off wandering on their own around the Web. I wonder what it'll be like next week...

Bandwidth wasn't an issue and everyone was able to download videos without them slowing down and hiccupping; I hope that in Geraldton and Albany will be the same.

Just to remind those who didn't / couldn't make it (JB, JB, SL, BW, LW, RT, MR, CW, CD, SM, PM have I forgotten anyone?) yesterday that the online session will be on Thursday 4 - 6, with a repeat on Friday 2 - 4. Just click on the "The Room" link to the right and wait. It may be advantageous to download and print the Handout out before the session. Don't do it today though, cos I haven't amended it from last night.

Endnote, what I learnt from the Web today: the BBC is using "digital stories" as an alternative to just showing photos one after another in a gallery. {They call them Audio Slideshows}. I hope to be covering these next session (i.e. Session 3) (DV) so have a look at how real professionals make them and we can work towards those standards. Look here or here. Incidentally I also learnt that in additon to K2 being higher than Everest (although we don't seem to hear about that any more) the Amazon is now longer than the Nile although to my disappointment it wasn't discovered through Google Earth close-ups or StreetView but by real people on site.

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Claire-Marie Cluzel said...

Had a look at the handout yesterday. 48 pages! I'm a bit freaked out. I won't print it until the final copy is ready, but think I need to scan it beforehand to prepare myself.