Saturday, 23 June 2007

Post Sessions 2

Thank you for attending the sessions and I must admit I congratulate you for not despairing and making it to the end despite the confusion and frustrations. I think Claire has summed it up quite well in her post below, although I'm not sure about the hagiolatrous aspects. Sue Waters (from Challenger) was also there and in her enthusiastic, inimitableway has written up her thoughts on the session. Thanks to Sue for her help, inspiration and feedback.
In Albany on Friday, after initial trouble with the sound set-up (those Realtek soundcards again) and deciding that there was not enough time to do iGoogle, the session went fairly well and I even heard laughter the other end at times. An absence of iGoogle just means that you will have to go out there to check the blog every now and then and will not get the joke of the day, your horoscope or Bush faux pas delivered to their door. It does point out, however, how difficult it is to deliver online to active particpants - showing a remote powerpoint is easy but it can be extremely problematic to check that the participants are doing what they are supposed to be doing when you can't see their screens. Sometimes I just wanted to disconnect and pretend there had been a power cut.

I have now put up the pre-reading for Session 3 so please have a look at this and the mentioned links so that you can have a good idea of what a "digital story" is and hopefully get some ideas together of how you could plan one for teaching purposes.

Look at the calender (this is one word I can never spell - have I got it right this time?) to see when the next sessions are - the link is on the right.

Endnote: Did anybody read the footnote on page 1 of Handout 2? Well, nobody asked me about it.... so the first one to explain will get a Mars bar, and, by the way, the same code was used in the recent film"L'Ivresse du Pouvoir", as a veiled reference to ELF - think I 'm getting off the subject here a bit but is just an excuse to get a picture of Huppert on the blog.....

Also spotted on the Web this week which may provide inspiration for your stories:
a cat cam just attach a camera to your cat and wait till he comes home again
best ways to sleep at work.

and how about some more entries from you?


Claire-Marie Cluzel said...

1 Spelling: It’s calendar as in: “Can you lend me your calendar Darlene?”
2 Hal code: replace each letter with the previous one and you get
Looking forward to the next session and my Mars bar!

Philip said...

Ah but that mnemonic doesn't help me! Otherwise it would be calender but I get the point; how about "Marzena" (a Czech name)...?

Yes, that bit's easy! but why is it called the HAL code?

Claire-Marie Cluzel said...

It's an hommage to Stanley Kubrick. The movie is based on the ELF scandal, so the company is thinly disguised as FMG in the film. In 2001 Space Odyssey Kubrick went down a letter in the alphabet to go from IBM to HAL. Chabrol went up a letter in the alphabet to go from ELF to FMG.