Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Learnscope First Session in Albany

Some of the previous posts will indicate that the first session was held in Albany and the six participants approached the project with enthusiasm.

Originally, we had planned for two AMES lecturers to particpate but others wanted to join in, so the more the merrier. Present were: Sara L, Jill B, Justine B, Lillian W and Barbara W, all of the Social Sciences department of Great Southern TAFE, and Ray Tuckey, Principal Lecturer, provided me with moral support.

After overcoming problems of bandwidth restrictions we started the session and covered these areas:
Introduction to Learnscope and background to the project
Planned sessions and outcomes
Operating the "virtual" classroom, Elluminate
Communicating through GoogleTalk and Blogger.

We had some problems with the sound (as always) but the particpants in Albany should now be in a position to commence learning the content about videos online.

A repeat session for the particpants from Perth and Geraldton will be held this coming Friday.

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Sara Lembo said...

Hi Philip

Just to show you I'm here...

Great shots of your trip to Albany, by the way!

Any idea when we'll be starting?

Sara :-)