Monday, 11 June 2007

Introductory session in Perth

Thank you to all for coming along last Friday - I hope you manage to run the was also good to have various programs of AMES represented in the project: City, HT, DL, Community, Freo and the Country.

We are all at the same stage now both in Albany, Geraldton and Perth, viz, have an inkling how to work Elluminate and GTalk. We now have to put that into practice. Now, originally I intended to do one session both live and online but I have once again been over-ambitious with numbers so have decided to do a live session followed by an online session. This will also allow me to get a handle on the content before presenting it online. Now, there was much discussion about timing... some things were provisionally decided but I have to consult with Albany to finalise matters....

However, it is most likely that the LIVE session will be this Friday from 4pm -6pm in the Level 1 at the Victoria Centre in Perth. The online sessions will follow next week...

sorry for the delay Albany

Thanks also to Sue Waters from Challenger TAFE for coming along and helping out. She has written her impressions of the first evening here

See the rest of the photos here (some by me, some by Sue W).

I will give you another update when I have spoken to Albany.


Claire-Marie Cluzel said...

One more week suits me just fine. It'll give me time to work out why the bl***y headset doesn't work in my brand new computer. Been practising a bit, and I was looking forward to call one of my fellow learnscopers with google talk. Oh well...At least I was able to personalise my google page and now have word of the day which is a lot of fun. I am often discalced in summer, what about you?

Philip said...

hmmm out of chalk? I must admit I'll have to look that one up!