Thursday, 28 June 2007


I found the following semi-interesting: ......migrant workers???? What do you think of this one? ......cute?....for some reason the video never plays to the end (so all I could see was upto A, A A, A A A etc). Does anyone else have this problem? Yes, I do wait until the red line is right across.

Monday, 25 June 2007

My first session

Well, Friday on-line was my first session -impressions?? A mixture of satisfaction and frustration!!!! I was delighted to be able to help my colleagues with iGoogle as (I had already created my own page and "dressed it up") However, The Room requires a certain protocol which I kind of had to suss out for myself - hopefully next time around my participation will be routine. Thanks for your patience Philip, you cineaste (not sure I agree or even care for hagiology!) YouTube?? Philip, can I use powerpoint to make a digital story or do I have to use photos?

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Getting there!

Survived the first on line session! I don' feel confident that I know what I'm doing yet but found the introduction to youtube very interesting. Not sure if I'll be able to get students to access it directly but we'll surely make use of it somehow.

A winner already

Sonia, looks like you're not going to win as many prizes this year as last. Claire has already answered the question (below) with this excellent response:

It's a homage to Stanley Kubrick. The movie is based on the ELF scandal, so the company is thinly disguised as FMG in the film. In 2001 Space Odyssey Kubrick went down a letter in the alphabet to go from IBM to HAL. Chabrol went up a letter in the alphabet to go from ELF to FMG.

So there is a computing connection and also allows me a chance to include my 3rd love, the cinema. But tell me Claire... did you know this or google it?

In case you others have forgotten what the question was, it was in yesterday's post and said:

Did anybody read the footnote on page 1 of Handout 2? Well, nobody asked me about it.... so the first one to explain will get a Mars bar, and, by the way, the same code was used in the recent film "L'Ivresse du Pouvoir", as a veiled reference to ELF - think I 'm getting off the subject here a bit but is just an excuse to get a picture of Huppert on the blog....

YouTube in the classroom

I got some CSWE 1 students to watch an animated Arnie/terminator saying “I’ll be back” on You Tube as part of a lesson on note writing eg: I’m at school. I’ll be back at 6:00. They loved it!

I also found some other interesting sites you might want to check out.
PodEnglish has some good beginner/intermediate podcasts. Here's one on complaining and the past continuous: Click more from this user to find other interesting topics.
The Australian network has vodcasts, quizzes etc with Aussie content. They have different programs for varying levels from elementary to advanced: living English, English bites, Nexus... Here's an example
They post their older videos on you tube
This is an English bites episode on Quorn Store:
Another good site is EnglishPod : you need to subscribe to get transcripts and worksheets, but you can listen for free.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Post Sessions 2

Thank you for attending the sessions and I must admit I congratulate you for not despairing and making it to the end despite the confusion and frustrations. I think Claire has summed it up quite well in her post below, although I'm not sure about the hagiolatrous aspects. Sue Waters (from Challenger) was also there and in her enthusiastic, inimitableway has written up her thoughts on the session. Thanks to Sue for her help, inspiration and feedback.
In Albany on Friday, after initial trouble with the sound set-up (those Realtek soundcards again) and deciding that there was not enough time to do iGoogle, the session went fairly well and I even heard laughter the other end at times. An absence of iGoogle just means that you will have to go out there to check the blog every now and then and will not get the joke of the day, your horoscope or Bush faux pas delivered to their door. It does point out, however, how difficult it is to deliver online to active particpants - showing a remote powerpoint is easy but it can be extremely problematic to check that the participants are doing what they are supposed to be doing when you can't see their screens. Sometimes I just wanted to disconnect and pretend there had been a power cut.

I have now put up the pre-reading for Session 3 so please have a look at this and the mentioned links so that you can have a good idea of what a "digital story" is and hopefully get some ideas together of how you could plan one for teaching purposes.

Look at the calender (this is one word I can never spell - have I got it right this time?) to see when the next sessions are - the link is on the right.

Endnote: Did anybody read the footnote on page 1 of Handout 2? Well, nobody asked me about it.... so the first one to explain will get a Mars bar, and, by the way, the same code was used in the recent film"L'Ivresse du Pouvoir", as a veiled reference to ELF - think I 'm getting off the subject here a bit but is just an excuse to get a picture of Huppert on the blog.....

Also spotted on the Web this week which may provide inspiration for your stories:
a cat cam just attach a camera to your cat and wait till he comes home again
best ways to sleep at work.

and how about some more entries from you?

Thursday, 21 June 2007

online session

A bit confusing at first. Not seeing people makes it hard, but hearing everybody is good. Philip has the patience of a saint. Im'sure we'll get the hang of it after a few sessions.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Handout 2

Just to tell you all that the Handout 2 has been amended and can now be printed off if you wish.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Second session

Thank you for attending the second session. I find it was useful to do it this way ( i.e. practise with real people without a data projector and then go online next week) as it made me realise that although my notes are useful for the F2F group there are times that what you saw on your screen was completely different from what I was seeing or had seen before so I was able to amend the sheets and plan for those eventualities. (although no doubt there will be different ones online). A good thing about Elluminate is that it does permit me to bring every one back to focus when they are off wandering on their own around the Web. I wonder what it'll be like next week...

Bandwidth wasn't an issue and everyone was able to download videos without them slowing down and hiccupping; I hope that in Geraldton and Albany will be the same.

Just to remind those who didn't / couldn't make it (JB, JB, SL, BW, LW, RT, MR, CW, CD, SM, PM have I forgotten anyone?) yesterday that the online session will be on Thursday 4 - 6, with a repeat on Friday 2 - 4. Just click on the "The Room" link to the right and wait. It may be advantageous to download and print the Handout out before the session. Don't do it today though, cos I haven't amended it from last night.

Endnote, what I learnt from the Web today: the BBC is using "digital stories" as an alternative to just showing photos one after another in a gallery. {They call them Audio Slideshows}. I hope to be covering these next session (i.e. Session 3) (DV) so have a look at how real professionals make them and we can work towards those standards. Look here or here. Incidentally I also learnt that in additon to K2 being higher than Everest (although we don't seem to hear about that any more) the Amazon is now longer than the Nile although to my disappointment it wasn't discovered through Google Earth close-ups or StreetView but by real people on site.

Friday, 15 June 2007

really keen

Aren't we all keen coming here on a Friday afternoon.
But Philip makes it so entertaining by producing his little surprises!


I think I should have practised more during the week!
Face to face is better for me - what about you?

Aging brain . . ?

It did take me a little while to remember how to get here - must be use it or lose it . .

2nd Session

Here we all are again poised for some instructions from Philip. Have just managed to put up a new post without looking at my notes!

Am I in yet?

Well, there are some very impressive postings to view... most inspiring. Looking forward to being able to do all of the below with confidence. Cheers.

Thursday, 14 June 2007


After seeing Philip's last blog with comestibles, I thought we all deserved some of these. Couldn't resist! Must say that it's a case of use it or lose it - you wouldn't believe how long it's taken me to remember how to paste a picture from the internet!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Bargains of the Week

Have you not got a Webcam yet? well pop down to Harvey Norman and there you can buy a twin pack for $58.00. Not the best quality but sufficient for your purposes...
Why do you want two? hmmm, give one to your friend or send one to your loved one. Load Skype (not at work) and have videophone conversations for free. The quality is surprising good.

For those in Perth I spotted these two non-techno bargains...

a) Mars and Snickers at The Golden Hay Supermarket in Hay street @ 80 cents.

b) 20% off all spirits at the Re Store (spotted when I took back the Gourmet Platter platter) so treat yourself to those contintental liquid delicacies you crave but don't usually buy.


I'm making progress! I'm sure this blogging will expand my mental capacity enormously. I'm looking forward to exploring more possibilities and sharing lots of experiences and information with you all.

Monday, 11 June 2007

First session

It looks as though the first session was really great! I'm sorry that I was unable to make it. Have had a go at Elluminate - wrote stuff & drew a few coloured squiggles, but I didn't actually know what it was that I was trying to do (can't do without a filip). Have downloaded GTalk -just waiting to attach the mike - lots of possibilities! How exciting!!


Hello fellow bloggers, I hope this message will get through.. I am sitting at home reading emails and experimenting with this techno. I'm trying to remember what we did on Friday- seems like ages ago .. Well will attempt yet again to post this.. Cheers to you all..

Practising Learnscope

I am just going through what we learnt on Friday. I even had fun drawing on the whiteboard but nobody else was on at the time.

Introductory session in Perth

Thank you to all for coming along last Friday - I hope you manage to run the was also good to have various programs of AMES represented in the project: City, HT, DL, Community, Freo and the Country.

We are all at the same stage now both in Albany, Geraldton and Perth, viz, have an inkling how to work Elluminate and GTalk. We now have to put that into practice. Now, originally I intended to do one session both live and online but I have once again been over-ambitious with numbers so have decided to do a live session followed by an online session. This will also allow me to get a handle on the content before presenting it online. Now, there was much discussion about timing... some things were provisionally decided but I have to consult with Albany to finalise matters....

However, it is most likely that the LIVE session will be this Friday from 4pm -6pm in the Level 1 at the Victoria Centre in Perth. The online sessions will follow next week...

sorry for the delay Albany

Thanks also to Sue Waters from Challenger TAFE for coming along and helping out. She has written her impressions of the first evening here

See the rest of the photos here (some by me, some by Sue W).

I will give you another update when I have spoken to Albany.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Trying to remember it all . . .

I am discovering that it's a little different revisiting it all at home - but gradually it's coming back . . . :-)

Friday, 8 June 2007

Possibilities of Gtalk

I am sure it will be a great way to communicate and spend many frustrating and exciting hours of my precious time.

The possibilities of Gtalk

With Gtalk you can see who is online. You can type a message or phone someone. You can add new friends too.

google talk

I found this very interesting but a little challenging all at once! I like this practicing to consolidate our learning.

possibilities of GTalk

It's a great way to communicate with people - you know whether or not they're there and it costs you nix!


Possibilities of G Chat

1 We can chat to our friends and colleagues when they're on line.
2 Our students can ask questions....and have instant answers!
3 Students can practice English interactively on line.

gtalk comments

G talk is great. Would be wonderful to use in DL and also with community classes - between different students /in different classes.

Possibilities of gtalk

  • Saving money on phone calls?
  • Making secret calls without using the phone?

Possibilities of Gtalk

Cheaper phone bills.

What I think of Elluminate

I think it is great and opens up a whole new world. I hope I can put it to good use.

What I think of Elluminate

So far so good. Have not overloaded yet.

What I think of elluminate

It is a little confusing for a beginner, but I can see it has great possibilities. The secret will be remembering what to do.

What I think of Elluminate

I think this programme has great potential for students of all levels. I hope we'll get time to play around with it and entertain each other so we build up our confidence with it.

Thanks for an illuminating elluminate session, Philip!


What I think of Elluminate

What an interesting evening! Elluminate seems to be a whole new ball game and will be thoroughly engageing.....for at least three weeks!

Elluminate musings

I would like to try with students, but wonder whether I could show them what to do at a distance (given that Philip was here with us . . . )

Cert III? Cert II? What do you think??

learnscope lesson 1

The first lesson is going well and the break with yummy food was great.

Elluminate looks very interesting and if all the technology works the project will be great. Am really looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

and here some pictures from Albany....

Great Southern TAFE

Jill, Justine and Lillian

Barbara, Sara and Ray.

A view of Albany (who would want to live elswhere now you can have delivery online
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Learnscope First Session in Albany

Some of the previous posts will indicate that the first session was held in Albany and the six participants approached the project with enthusiasm.

Originally, we had planned for two AMES lecturers to particpate but others wanted to join in, so the more the merrier. Present were: Sara L, Jill B, Justine B, Lillian W and Barbara W, all of the Social Sciences department of Great Southern TAFE, and Ray Tuckey, Principal Lecturer, provided me with moral support.

After overcoming problems of bandwidth restrictions we started the session and covered these areas:
Introduction to Learnscope and background to the project
Planned sessions and outcomes
Operating the "virtual" classroom, Elluminate
Communicating through GoogleTalk and Blogger.

We had some problems with the sound (as always) but the particpants in Albany should now be in a position to commence learning the content about videos online.

A repeat session for the particpants from Perth and Geraldton will be held this coming Friday.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Addendum to the previous

Sue Waters of Challenger sent me these notes to Google Street View. Interesting but scary!

Just an addition to your post on Google Street view - check out these funny shots taken with it at

Also on a serious note there is this article relating to the terrorist plot they just stopped in America and how Google Earth could be used for bad

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Another first for Google

First of all thanks to the Albanyans for their hospitality and enthusiasm; I had only expected two participants originally so it was great to see more. Thanks also to Ray for coming along and John for adjusting the Lab. More thoughts about the content later.

But I just wanted to point out something I found out only a few hours ago (source www. ) and that is how fast Google maps are developing, at least in the US of A.

I was rather perturbed when I discovered that if you enter your street address into Google Maps, you can actually zoom into your block (as in piece of land as opposed to US block). What if a "terrorist" decided to target my house with a smart bomb? How ideal for burglars and housebreakers to be able to see exactly where the get away route is! But this is nothing to what New Yorkers must now feel as you can actually cyberstalk along New Yorkers' streets. I went and had a look to see where my old friend Jitka lives with her new husband. Must admit she might be better off now...

Anyway go and see for yourself -(click here) and if you don't know anybody in New York, just go to the Chrysler Building, 405 Lexington Ave and click on "Street View". Alternatively, try San Francisco as they are on the system too.

I don't know how long it'll be before we get streets of Perth, but be prepared and get some new curtains.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Albany group in canteen

pls note - Sara is the only pregnant woman in the photo. A trade lecturer took the photo.

Albany group in the Canteen

Ist June 2007

It will be challenging ......

... when Phil is no longer in the same room with us!?!

I hope I remember......

I have really enjoyed this opportunity and I hope I remember how to access this in the future.
Thanks Phillip great session

My opinion of Elluminate

Elluminate - a good idea but at times cumbersome and somewhat frustrating. Going in and out to send smiley faces and the inability to see instanceous results can be very confusing.

my opinion of eluminate

I think it is a fantastic way to communicate over long distances in a cost effective way.

My opinions of Elluminate

It might be better if the sound worked and the lag was not so great.

My Opinion of Elluminate

It is a useful communication tool, but I feel I am still a beginner and it will take time.

my opinion of elluminate

I am feeling more illuminated about it

My opinion of Elluminate

An excellent piece of software! Saves $$$ on travel, better than videoconferencing!

Friday Afternoon

Thank you for your patience Phillip!