Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Elluminate room - introduction

Click here to enter the Elluminate room.

This will only be open when we have the session, so don't try before.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Even more information

  • For those who want more details here is an extract form the official project plan.

    AMES West Coast Learnscope projects have previously concentrated on developing the professional skills of staff working in Perth. Country lecturers working for AMES do not have the same in-house access to Professional Development activities as those working in a large centre in the Metro area. How can we enable their participation in Professional Development through e-learning? Digital photography has revolutionised the way people take photos and make movies. “YouTube” and other video hosts have revolutionised the way people view movies. The project will focus on how we can exploit this new resource to assist TAFE lecturers who teach English as a Second Language (ESL), in particular those who live in rural and remote areas and do not have the access to the resources that city lecturers and students do.There are therefore three aspects of the focus:
    a) for the AMES PD section to learn and to trial the use of Elluminate ( and other communication and networking software) to deliver PD at a distance
    b) for AMES lecturers to learn how to use video sites and develop video resources for ESL access
    c) for AMES students to access these video resources.

    The project would set out to develop the following skills:

    a) AMES PD
    Main targets
    Use “Elluminate” to deliver PD successfully
    Communicate through social networking software
    Research video sites
    Develop / adapt materials for delivering video access, digital stories, video production, video editing / enhancement and upload
    Research other online social networking software

    b) AMES lecturers
    Main targets
    Use Elluminate to receive PD
    Communicate through social networking software
    Search for ideas and inspiration on “YouTube” and other video host sites
    Create Photostory movies for learning
    Create a “YouTube” or other account
    Upload movies onto “YouTube” or other sites
    Copy and export “YouTube” addresses.
    Optional targets
    Make teaching movies with a digital camera
    Subtitle movies
    Upload digital movies onto a computer
    Edit digital movies
    Create and record dialogues
    Dub soundtrack onto digital movies
    Record songs

    c) AMES Students
    Main targets

    Access, view and evaluate teacher-produced video resources

    The project will be spread out over 20 weeks with fortnightly sessions from May to October. This will allow time to practise skills and produce student learning materials.

    Learning Activities
    How is the team going to develop the technology related skills and understandings indicated above?
    Completion of skills audit by team
    Introduction, demonstration and initial guided practice in skills.
    Presentation through hands-on learning in formal computer lab environment first session(s) F2F for all.
    Other sessions :
    Presentation through online classroom (Elluminate)
    Online networking (GTalk, Skype)
    “How to” sessions may be filmed and transmitted through internet.
    Individual practice and development of skills and knowledge
    Discussion, advice and reflection at fortnightly sessions within an action-learning framework.
    Ongoing sharing of experiences and developments in knowledge in informal group sessions; through bulletin boards and blogs.
    Mentoring and coaching sessions face to face, VOIP, DTVC, chat as required
    Application of new knowledge and skills by interaction with students
    Discussion, advice and reflection at weekly sessions within an action-learning framework
    Viewing and appraisal of others’ works at a final “show & tell” session.

    End of May
    Project plan completed
    Questionnaire and skill audit sent out to Team
    Finalise team
    1 Beginning June
    Hold introductory session(s) in Perth (and Albany)
    2 Week of 11/6
    Accessing YouTube and other video sites; Finding ESL sites; tweaking video sites with “mojiti”, “dotSUB”
    3 Week of 25/6
    Digital stories with Photostory3
    4 Week of 23/7
    Creating a YouTube account and uploading digital stories; exporting YouTube addresses
    5 Week of 13/8
    Consolidation and review
    6 Week of 27/8
    Using a digital camera to take movies; uploading the movies onto the computer
    7 Week of 10/9
    Editing and saving movies with MS MovieMaker
    8 Week of 24/9
    Enhancing movies with MS MovieMaker; Recording dialogues and adding them to your video
    9 Week of 15/10
    Exploiting your video
    10 Week of 29/10
    Review and Show & Tell Session

    Ongoing support and backup will be available.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

More info

I keep getting asked when we are going to start and what exactly are we going to do. Well, I 'm still in the planning stages and will have the first session at a time most convenient to most participants. This introduction and information session will also be attended by people from the country so their availability has also to be taken into account. In this first session we will mainly be practising on the communication software we will be using in order to deliver (and receive) the sessions over the Internet.

I was also asked what a digital story is and I have put up a couple here (click on the blue underlined word) and here. This is an example of just one thing we will be doing.
If you have aby oother questions, please email me or comment.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Learnscope 2007 - benefit (1)

I myself saw the advantages of using online video yesterday morning. With my CSWE3 class on Monday mornings I am teaching “instructions” in general and LOs 3B1 and 3D1 in particular. The theme of the next few weeks is “recipes” and after racking my brain for a few hours to find a new way of introducing the theme that will inspire me as well, ten mins before the lesson, I remembered that I am meant to be doing this Learnscope project on online video and why not use that. No time of course to film Barbara or Barnaby making bigos (the project will include making and editing your own videos) but time enough to search YouTube for an easy recipe. On the second page, I found “Carrot Cake” with sub-titled ingredients and lots of repetition of “add”, “mix”, “beat”, etc. With the class starting off in the Lab, the students were able to view the 6-minute video at their own pace before we went through it together.
Now, there are plenty more uses for video than this in your classrooms, so if you are interested in participating in this year’s Learnscope project please contact me by the end of the week.

STOP PRESS: Coincidentally, I hear that Anna is doing video recipes in the Lab with the "Entree to work" course and is using a video site specifically on instructions. Have a look at .