Thursday, 26 April 2007

Preliminary entry

We heard last week that our application for Learnscope has been approved. We had 17 people expressing interest in doing the project and just hope that some of those wish to confirm that they want to learn all about what we are going to do.

What are we going to do? I hear you ask.

Well, moving on from digital photos on the web last year, we are going to look at using video to make resources and then put them on the Web. But that's not all because the whole process is intended to be online and, although it is possible to do the sessions face to face, and indeed if you are available, you can, one other object is to deliver PD through the Internet.

Too ambitious? Well, I realised that Learnscope is all about experimenting, so maybe it's not the end of the world if all does not go according to plan.

Incidentally, this is the rough sketchy plan although at present this is ideas; it may change considerably.
Use of Software (Elluminate) - everybody here in Perth.

Accessing YouTube and other video sites; Finding ESL sites; tweaking video sites with “mojiti”

Digital stories with Photostory3

Creating a YouTube account and uploading digital stories; exporting YouTube addresses

Consolidation and review

Using a digital camera to take movies; uploading the movies onto the computer

Editing and saving movies with MS MovieMaker

Enhancing movies with MS MovieMaker; Recording dialogues and adding them to your video

Exploiting your video


Sessions willbe fortnightly, as participants last year found weekly rushed and we should be starting at the end of May, all going well.

So, if you haven't yet confirmed your interest please do asap.

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